We welcome new members, both men and women.



Based in Perth, The Over 55 Canoe Club caters for people over 55 years of age who wish to enjoy canoeing in the company of other very friendly people.

We meet every Thursday morning at 8.30 a.m. from April until November. Our paddles have a short rest period as needed, a morning tea break with return for lunch at the start point, usually by noon.  Cars are guarded by a volunteer(s) each week.

The venue is decided the week before and confirmed by email to online members, with instructions on how to find the location.  We paddle in the Canning from River Avenue to the Canning Bridge and the Avon/Swan from lower Bells Rapids to Perth and Fremantle waters.

These venues range from flat water to faster water in the upper reaches of the Canning and Lower Bells Rapids.

Members do not have to paddle if they feel the venue is beyond their skill level.  The Office Bearers may recommend that an inexperienced paddler does not paddle at certain venues.

When there is sufficient water, we also paddle the rapids on the Murray River at Dwellingup.  Paddlers must show good fast water paddling skills before paddling at Dwellingup.

We also have one camp in early February.